Review: SmartWool Hiking Socks

SmartWool Medium Hiking Socks



Socks have one of the most important jobs out of all your hiking gear. They’re one half of the dynamic duo that help keep your feet dry and comfortable out on the trails (you’ll need good boots too!). Your feet are taking the most abuse of all your body parts when hiking. They’re helping to absorb a good chunk of the force and weight of your body (plus the weight of your pack) as you’re moving along. They’re also simultaneously acting as a lever to propel you forward, while responding to the uneven terrain surfaces to keep you upright. Needless to say, a lot of things are going on with your feet. If your feet aren’t comfortable, you really can’t hike properly. When you can’t hike properly, you get grumpy and possibly start taking out your anger on fellow hikers by cursing and throwing things. This is no good. When it comes to choosing a hiking sock, you should take the time and do your research. Luckily, the Internet is full of helpful people offering real-world reviews. Here’s my take.


  • Comfy
  • Durable
  • Blister free fit
  • Wick away sweat
  • Made in the USA!


  • Price
  • Some pilling (After extensive use.)


The benefits of the SmartWool hiking socks might not be immediately apparent while you’re standing in the store looking at a seemingly mundane pair of wool sacks that go on your feet. While I could tell you to try wearing a pair of cotton socks out on the trail instead of wool, I really don’t want any potential fiery death rage flung in my general direction because you now have some nice blisters (or worse). While these socks are a bit more on the pricey side, you do get what you pay for. SmartWool socks are super tough. I’ve had my 1st pair now for several years and after severe use, they don’t yet have any holes. The only issue I’ve encountered is that the socks do pill a bit in some areas. I guess this is to be expected after being used and washed many times though. I only recently bought another pair to have on hand just in case. SmartWool socks are very comfortable. The foot bed has a nice cushion and there’s enough room so that your toes aren’t crushed together. The packaging states that these socks have a blister free fit. I’m going to have to agree with the company on this one. While wearing these socks, I’ve never once had any blisters. I’m not saying you will never get blisters while wearing these socks because they are some sort of magical foot pouches. I would imagine that if they became wet and the hotspots of your feet were constantly rubbing against your boot for many kilometers, then logic dictates that blisters are bound to form eventually. The SmartWool socks are constructed with a bit of nylon for elasticity purposes. Because of this, once they’re pulled up, they don’t fall down. When I’m out hiking, my feet are dry in these socks. They do their job well by wicking away any sweat.  Want another solid reason to buy these? SmartWool socks are made in the USA.

Final Thoughts:

  • SmartWool hiking socks are worth the price in the long run. Be nice to your feet when you’re out on the trails. Grab a pair of these SmartWool socks and hike along your merry way. Seriously, nobody likes blisters.

5 out of 5




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  1. I have the same pair-so comfortable!

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